• doors6:30pm
  • showtime7:30pm

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Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands is a Dream Rock band from Toronto. Songwriter Lee Rose is joined by Anna Mernieks and Jody Brumell to blend soaring vocals, violin, synth-bass, guitar, and drums into songs inspired by the supernatural, elemental forces and physical sensation.

They’ve toured across Canada and the US, captivating audiences with explosive live performances. Multi-instrumentalist front-person Lee Rose accentuates the band’s unique sound by singing, playing violin and synth-bass foot pedals simultaneously. With their music videos, costuming and makeup, they bring a theatrical energy to every artistic outlet!

Inspired by the surreal and beautiful aspects of vivid dreaming, Ace of Wands explores the literal meaning of Dream Rock, creating immersive and intricate soundscapes on a backdrop of traditional pop and post-rock forms.

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