Falcon Jane (band) + Marshall Veroni Matinee (downstairs at Parkwood)
Event Date: April 7th, 2024
Start Time: 3:00 pm
Doors Open: 2:30 pm
Price: $15.00
$15 + s/c

Matinee Show, but if you wish, please give the restaurant a call at 226-664-0340 to make a reservation for food & drink!

Falcon Jane full band show in Parkwood! Sara May, the lead singer and songwriter of Canadian band Falcon Jane, has officially donned her cowboy hat. Living in rural Ontario, Sara and her partner Andrew have channeled their deep love of traditional country and western music and their affection for their small town home into a beautiful evolution of the Falcon Jane sound. They’ve retained their sunny temperament and Sara’s lyrical depth while refining their production and songwriting—the result is a song like “I Own the Road”, a resolute and brokenhearted tune with a timeless country sound.

With a deft lyrical touch, Sara embodies a classic archetype: the long-haul trucker, heartbroken, carrying a “heavy heart, a heavy load.” She captures the isolation, the longing, and the pride, and drives the song to its anthemic chorus. You can almost feel the frost on the windshield.

Marshall Veroni is a singer-songwriter from Ontario, Canada. His performances combine high-energy folk rock with heartfelt audience interaction, and lyrics that will make you feel something. His vulnerable demeanour blends seamlessly with his emotive playing style and unique vocal performances. Writing from the heart, Veroni bonds with listeners overs themes of love, loss, and the human condition. In 2021 he released “Everybody Doesn’t Know” a song that was graciously received by the music community around the world. Touring mainly in Canada, he has opened for artists like Ariel Posen, Field Guide and Blue Rodeo. With his band, Marshall Veroni and The Family Table have taken their unabashed mix of high energy alt-folk-country rock, and intimate songwriting to festival stages across the country. His recent release of single “Young Still” has received glowing feedback and the song has reached 40k streams within the first month of its release.