Freeman Dre & Lon Tron Silver w/ Derek Downham

Freeman Dre hails from the once gritty but quickly-gentrifying neighborhood of Parkdale. It’s a place where junkies, winos and new immigrants exist in the shadow spaces between condo towers and artists’ lofts. Even as gentrification pushes them out, these wayward characters find a home in Freeman Dre’s songs. The tunes are direct, memorable, wildly romantic, and informed by the North American folk-rock tradition as much as his Irish and Polish roots. They invoke hug-your-neighbour singalongs, foot stomping dance parties, and more than a few tears. Like a late night shot of whiskey, Freemans Dre’s music hits you straight in the gut and then fills your head with the foolish idea that, with enough love, anything is possible.

Suggested price: $10.00 for 7 days rental

Suggested price: $10.00

Minimum price: $5.00