Kate Boothman

Hailing from The Ganaraska Forest in southern Ontario, horse trainer turned singer/songwriter, Kate Boothman, emerges with her sophomore record, My Next Mistake, on April 20, 2021.

For My Next Mistake, Kate and Thom were joined by long time conspirators, Anna Ruddick and Graham Walsh, as well as Jimmy Bowskill, Adam Hindle, Gavin Brown, Kevin Hearn, Carleigh Aikins, Steven Krecklo, and Drew Jurecka.

Together they form a soundscape reminiscent of longing, loneliness and psychedelia. A fitting ride for a girl who’s tired and stumbling but continues to have her eye on the prize. Freedom of gait.

Suggested price: $10.00 for 7 days rental

Suggested price: $10.00

Minimum price: $5.00