• doors7:30pm
  • showtime8:30pm

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Pick Up Game

Pick up Game is a three-piece rock and alternative rock cover band encompassing a wide range of song favorites, from Weezer and the Black Keys to Men Without Hats and Tom Petty. PUG is recognized for their cohesive sound and engaging shows and they are developing a following in both the local bar scene and private events.

Pick up Game started out only playing and 90’s and newer songs to differentiate themselves from the many of party bands around, and to relive the glory days of their youth. Over the past few years Pick up Game have added many songs from the past 40 years to bring out a wholeness and to engage party goers of all ages.
In contrast to the many of the other Top 40 cover bands scattered throughout Ontario, Pick up game, plays new and old, while avoiding the tunes that have been systematically beaten to death for the past four decades

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