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Suzie Ungerleider & Caroline Marie Brooks

Presented By The Georgian Bay Folk Society

ABOUT SUZIE UNGERLEIDER: Suzie Ungerleider officially opens a new chapter of her already distinguished and highly successful career with the release of her Juno-nominated album entitled My Name is Suzie Ungerleider. Bursting with her trademark evocative melodies and trenchant lyrics, it’s the tenth solo studio album by the American-born, Canadian-raised artist revered for such landmark records as Johnstown, Sleepy Little Sailor and A Girl In Teen City. It’s also her first since the artist formerly known as Oh Susanna announced that she would now record and perform under her birth name.

For more about Susie Ungerleider visit www.suzieungerleider.com

ABOUT CAROLINE MARIE BROOKS: Caroline Marie Brooks is just such a storyteller. On Everything at the Same Time, the first solo outing from ⅓ of Canadian harmony trio Good Lovelies, Brooks walks you through a wall of stories, taking moments from her life down and carefully recounting the feeling of the sun and the wind in the trees from days past and present.

There’s a wall, in your family home. It’s next to an old stairway that leads to an attic you never go into, but the wall is alive and lined with photos. On Everything at the Same Time, the first solo outing from Caroline Marie Brooks (⅓ of Good Lovelies), those photos are taken down and carefully dusted off, ready to have their stories told by someone intimately connected to their finer details. Over 11 tracks, Brooks leads a vivid journey through feelings familiar to our hearts. Gentle guitar work laying a backdrop for Brooks’ sweetly divine vocals, layered with wurlitzers, mandolins and steel guitars to evoke feelings of memories both lost and found.

Recorded and co-produced with Jim Bryson at Fixed Hinge studio and featuring an impressive lineup of skilled musicians, Everything at the Same Time was released September 2021 on all platforms.

For more about Caroline Marie Brooks visit www.carolinemariebrooks.com

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