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SweetWater Springtime Live (Fire & Grace!)

SweetWater Springtime Live

Fire & Grace (Edwin Huizinga and William Coulter)

Presented by SweetWater Music Festival

Fire & Grace is an eclectic collaboration between guitarist William Coulter and violinist Edwin Huizinga (SweetWater Artistic Director). This unique duo explores the connective musical elements of classical, folk, and contemporary traditions from around the world. Fire & Grace’s repertoire is vast, ranging from Bach to Vivaldi, tango to Celtic tunes, traditional Bulgarian to American fiddle tunes and waltzes, all played with a sense of discovery and commitment to the elements of passion and virtuosity — fire and grace — found in these diverse traditions. They have performed throughout North America and toured New Zealand in 2017. In late 2021, they released their latest recording Alma. It features folk and baroque works including music from Argentina, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Sweden.

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