20220513 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

In Person OR Livestream Tickets Available


About Morgan x Barrie: Morgan Barrie is a Canadian singer-songwriter whose sound seamlessly intertwines warm guitar riffs and thoughtful lyrics. Morgan finds a way of opening the channels to your soul, singing about challenges all generations collectively face in the 21st century. He’s raw, honest, and slightly haunting. Morgan’s songs encompass topics of love, waste, and loss in equally passionate terms.

As an artist, Morgan takes control over all elements of the production process. From composing his music to recording, engineering, arranging and mixing the final product in his personal studio. Leaving nothing to chance, his ambitious oversight delivers a unique, personal and powerful sound signature.

In the depths of the pandemic, Morgan buckled down to complete his third album, Lines. Lines is set to be released May 13th, 2022 at Heartwood Concert Hall. This newest album is truly a listening experience, an ambitious yet seamless concept album that takes listeners on an epic, heartfelt journey through the human struggle to make sense of their place in the world around them.

Barrie’s solid musicianship, composition and production is enhanced by a rich tapestry of collaboration woven throughout the album with contributions from an array of notable artists including Lisa Lobsinger, Kyle Crane, Mark Mariash, Aaron Goldstein, Tyler Beckett, Matt Epp, and Christina Martin.

Morgan continues to develop his abilities as an artist and a producer in his home studio in Owen Sound. Through his experience playing live and recording albums Barrie has learned how to connect with listeners and tell stories important to today’s complex environment.

For More About Morgan x Barrie visit www.morganxbarrie.com/

About Noah Mintz: Noah Mintz is a Canadian rock singer-songwriter, guitarist and mastering engineer. Mintz founded the band hHead with Brendan Canning in the 1990s. He released solo material under the name Noah’s Arkweld following the breakup of hHead. Leslie Feist was the original bass player of Noah’s Arkweld.

He works as a mastering engineer at the Toronto studio Lacquer Channel, where he has worked on albums by Daneil Lanois, The Constantines, Sarah Harmer, Arkells, Broken Social Scene, Billy Talent, Death from Above 1979, Dual, The Marble Index, Danko Jones, Rheostatics, The Dears, Len, Hayden, This Rigid Empire, Uncle Seth and Stars.

About Tyler Beckett: Tyler has established himself as a valued multi-instrumentalist in the country and bluegrass music scene. After university, Tyler toured extensively throughout the United States with IBMA nominated contemporary bluegrass group, The Chapmans. After returning to Canada, Tyler continued his free-lance and recording career with several artists, including a Canadian Service Tour to Afghanistan with Jason McCoy, and shows throughout Canada and China with Dan Davidson.

For More About Tyler Beckett visit www.beckettfamilymusic.com

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Morgan X Barrie w/ Tyler Beckett & Zak Erb: Livestream $10.00

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20220331 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

About PRETTY ARCHIE: Pinning down the sound of Cape-Breton-based quintet Pretty Archie has always been about as easy as catching a greased pig, but with the release of their new, self-titled album the band is confident that their unique mix of folk, Americana, bluegrass, Alt-Country, and East Coast music will appeal to a wider audience than ever before.

Pretty Archie have long been regional favourites, with a stack of Music Nova Scotia and East Coast Music Award nominations to their credit. They are now looking globally, and with Pretty Archie they have an album ready for international prime time play. Do yourself a big favour and check it out.

For more about PRETTY ARCHIE visit www.prettyarchie.com

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20220327 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

ABOUT MARSHALL VERONI BAND: Marshall Veroni is a contemporary folk singer-songwriter from Ontario with a sound that rings with a raw honesty about the human condition. From a young age Veroni had a passion for word craft which is evident in his ability to speak to an audience, and share his emotion with them.

For more about MARSHALL VERONI BAND visit www.marshallveroni.com/

ABOUT MARK KULMALA: Mark Kulmala was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. After playing in several different bands over the years, Mark developed a passion for folk music and has listened to as much of it as he could. After two years of writing folk music, Mark has finally found his own style of playing and singing. His music is inspired by the people and the places he loves in Northern and Southern Ontario. Mark is currently working on his debut EP that will be released at the end of the summer.

For more about MARK KULMALA visit www.reverbnation.com/markkulmala

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20220326 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Bywater Call returns to Owen Sound and the Heartwood Concert Hall on Saturday, March 2022.

ABOUT BYWATER CALL: “‘Bywater Call’ is an exuberant musical hybrid of rock, blues, New Orleans funk, r&b and southern soul. And while the focus is inevitably on the arresting vocals of Meghan Parnell, she is part of a road tested band with a vibrant horn section that is sparked by the significant dynamic guitar parts of Dave Barnes…”

Bywater Call is a Maple Blues and Independent Blues Awards nominated southern soul, roots-rock collective. Their debut album, released November 2019, received rave reviews across Canada, US, Europe and Australia. They toured Europe early 2020 and are finishing their follow-up record due out mid 2022.

For more about BYWATER CALL visit www.bywatercall.com

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20220319 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

About BAD LUCK WOMAN: Bad Luck Woman & Her Misfortunes are a Toronto based Blues/R&B band, reviving some obscure and forgotten tunes by sassy ladies of the 50’s and 60’s, such as Big Maybelle, Little Sylvia, Dolly Cooper, Carmen Taylor, and Ella Johnson, as well keeping alive classics by icons like Ray Charles, Etta James, Muddy Waters, and Jimmy Rogers.

Their dynamic stage presence and ruthless energy keeps the audiences dancing all night. The band was formed in 2015 by front-woman, lead vocalist and bass player Raha Javanfar. In its current formation, she is backed by lead guitarist Fraser Melvin, saxophonist Andrew Moljgun, and drummer Jonathan Hyde.

For more about BAD LUCK WOMAN visit www.badluckwoman.com

About JESSA: Having made a name for herself through signature rhythmic and harmonically adventurous art pop, Jessica has now joined forces with prolific producer/songwriter Robyn Dell’Unto (LU KALA – DCMO (Don’t Count Me Out), Good Lovelies – I See Gold etc.) to become JESSA, smashing layers of playful guitars and vocals into an indie-pop package, singing about trying to keep the joy in everyday life while navigating this weird world and all of its curve-balls.

JESSA and band just returned from an epic 11-date tour of Western Canada in August in support of debut single, Simple Little Song, leaving audiences humming its hook all across BC and Alberta.

For more about JESSA visit www.jessicastuartmusic.com

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20220320 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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20220312 7:00 pm - 20220220 11:00 pm

After 20+ years together, JUNO-nominated singer-songwriting duo Madison Violet are as much wanderers as they are musicians. It is a career filled with endless roads stretching into the horizon, winding through changing landscapes, each kilometre traveled carrying with it the promise of inspiration.

Perhaps that is the secret of what has made Madison Violet such an enduring band. Because with each new town, each new venue, their curiosity grows, their love of music deepens, their desire to push musical boundaries expands.

It is believed that the spark that ignited Madison Violet’s irrepressible curiosity came from an unlikely source; while sitting in Brenley’s grandmother’s kitchen in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, filled to bursting with family, friends, instruments (and maybe even a foe or two), and miles from their adopted home of Toronto, Ontario, two musicians looked at each over the flickering light of the old wood stove and knew that theirs would be an unconventional journey.

Inspired by their heritage, emboldened by their vision, Lisa MacIsaac and Brenley MacEachern decided that they would create a sound that would have its roots in their past while continually exploring new sounds.

From the beginning, the multi-instrumentalists have carried authenticity with them like a talisman, writing all of their own music and lyrics, believing that the best way to connect to their audiences was to treat them like old friends sharing a secret and a smile. As vocalists they have an innate ability to break your heart, slyly knowing that their soaring harmonies will mend it, often all in the span of one song.

The shared belief in themselves and their fearlessness to follow their dreams did eventually pay off and accolades and awards soon became synonymous with Madison Violet; including a JUNO nomination, a Canadian Folk Music Award for Best Vocal Group Album of the Year and a Critic’s Choice Award from Country Music People’s Magazine.

Their songs have been featured in the notorious music magazine Mojo’s Top 10 Playlist, and received a mass of acclaim from outlets such as the BBC, the CBC, Maverick Magazine and NPR, and have earned the duo the Grand Prize in the Maxell John Lennon Songwriting Contest (voted on by a panel of distinguished artists including Elton John, Tim McGraw, Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, John Legend, Enrique Iglesias and Mary J.Blige). Madison Violet were on Germany’s WDR’s list of Best Bands of All Time and with a bit of a departure from their rootsy sound, their single “These Ships” was released in 2014 on one of the largest dance labels in the U.S., Ultra Records, garnering over 1M plays on Spotify.

Madison Violet has nine studio albums to their credit including the new Christmas classic “Sleigh Bells in the Snow” featuring their friend and collaborator Ron Sexsmith, singing on Frosty the Snowman. In early 2019, Madison Violet released their latest album Everything’s Shifting, a heartfelt examination of how memory can splinter a heart, how loss shapes perspective and how sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t have love without regret.

It is an album to be listened to on the open road, with the windows rolled down: a love letter to their fans, from two wanderers who continue to follow the melodies wherever they lead.

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20220417 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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20220310 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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20220311 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

ABOUT ROB ELDER: Owen Sound’s Rob Elder caught the music bug as a kid on the family farm where classic country & western songs, the Beach Boys, and Bob Seeger were the sound track to barn chores. Back then, picking up a guitar was an easy way to wind down at the end of a long day.

Turned to music, his farm boy’s work ethic led to quick growth and an early creative blossoming, his festival debut at the age of 20, and the release of two self produced albums shortly afterwards.

Now with the release of ‘Changer’ 12 years after his sophomore record, Rob self-identifies as a re-emerging artist. But make no mistake, his musical growth has never faltered and his roots have only dug deeper in the intervening years.

For more about ROB ELDER visit www.robelder.ca

ABOUT BEN KUNDER: Occupying a rare but accessible musical space between folk, pop, and Cali-style Americana, Toronto singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ben Kunder chronicles the ordinary and the extraordinary in luminous detail.

With three highly acclaimed studio albums (2019’s Searching For the Stranger, 2018’s Better Human, and 2015’s Golden) and multiple international tours and festival appearances achieved to date, Kunder has amassed a devoted following while establishing himself as a sought-after collaborator and electrifying live performer.

A committed social justice advocate, father to two young kiddos and compassionate member of the human race, Kunder consistently yields exquisite musical insights.

For more info about BEN KUNDER visit www.benkunder.com

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20220304 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

#SoundTown Concert Series Presents A “FREE SAMPLE” Event

Behold! A night where guitars shall reign supreme in the most Owen of Sounds!

ABOUT JOAN SMITH & THE JANE DOES: Smith, she of “towering pipes and a remarkable dirty guitar tone” (torontomusicreviews.com), has teamed with Tom Juhas to form the Jane Does – a female fronted dance rock machine with cutting vocals that amp up to the edge of sanity, pulsing rock beats and relentless guitars reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age and early PJ Harvey.

For more info about JOAN SMITH & THE JANE DOES visit www.thejoansmith.com

If you can please support the artists by donation at the door!


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20220305 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

ABOUT ERICA WERRY: Erika Werry writes songs about life and love. Often short and fun, with tongue-in-cheek lyrical humour, her songs can also be devastatingly poignant, delivered with her signature vocals in a “lovely, grainy alto”. Her Band, The Alphabet delivers razor sharp accompaniment to her lyrical melodies.

For more about ERICA WERRY visit www.erikawerry.com/

ABOUT FALCON JANE: “Drawing from personal experiences of death, memory and miscommunication, Falcon Jane crafts honest and enchanting music with emotional impact that lingers long after the last note fades away.”

For more about FALCON JANE visit www.falconjane.com

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Falcon Jane w/ Erika Werry: Livestream $10.00

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20220303 8:00 pm - 20220203 11:00 pm

We’re very excited to present these two outstanding musicians here in Owen Sound! As part of our #SoundTown Concerts Series, with a goal to showcase more and more original artists in Owen Sound!

ABOUT DREW MCIVOR: With his trusty six-string, this charismatic crooner performs with a masterful simplicity inviting audiences not only to listen, but truly share the musical experience. His deep affection for his craft is apparent at every turn; you can feel his heart is in the music, and it is contagious.

For more about Drew McIvor visit: https://drewmcivor.com/bio

ABOUT VICTORIA YEH: She is a Toronto-based violinist, having performed across Canada from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Classically trained, Victoria’s unique style combines classical purity with the edginess of prog fusion to present the violin as it has never been heard before.

For more about Victoria Yeh visit https://victoriayeh.com

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20220306 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Okee Brand with opener Wendego

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Okee Brand & Wendego: Livestream $10.00

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20220226 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Heartwood Hall is proud to present Derek Downham with guest Jake Chisholm as part of our “Soundtown Concert Series”.

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20220430 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Heartwood Hall Owen Sound

Help us welcome Pat Robitaille with special guests – Katey Morley & Steve York!


Part of our #SoundTown Concerts Series, with a goal to showcase more and more original artists in Owen Sound!

ABOUT PAT ROBITAILLE: Just shy of two decades recording/writing/touring/producing music, Pat Robitaille’s genre is still tough to pin down but his signature soulful voice is an ever-present calling card.
At 18 he wound up splitting time between Los Angeles & Nashville to create his first album and in the years that followed toured with industry legends like The Hip, The Beach Boys & Tedeschi Trucks Band, and released 8 studio albums.
His latest singles “Fearless Woman” & “Shadows” were released on 7” vinyl October 2021 courtesy of Secret Government Records.

Visit www.patrobitaille.com for more!


With support from FACTOR CANADA: www.factor.ca

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20211119 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Jack de Keyzer and band in Concert -Heartwood Hall
Doors 7pm Show 8pm advanced tickets $25 door $30 livestream $10 Tickets on sale at heartwoodhall.ca and Heartwood Home Store (limited tickets available) 939 2nd Ave E, Owen Sound
w generous assistance by FACTOR

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20211030 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Heartwood Concert Hall Presents : Grey Road 1

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20211113 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Heartwood Hall with the support of FACTOR Canada is proud to present Freeman Dre & Lon Tron Silver with the support of Derek Downham, live in-person at the venue and online.

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20211106 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Evolving creatively is a key goal for any artist, especially for songwriters. Being able to tap into the vein of shared experiences by way of a personalized point of view is a gift the best songwriters are able to build upon from song to song and album to album. Only the best of them are able to transition from being a soother one minute to a soothsayer the next with relative ease, confidence, and expertise.  And that’s exactly what Toronto-based singer/songwriter Julian Taylor has done with the eight deeply intimate songs that comprise his striking new solo effort, The Ridge. We are honour to have Julian Taylor at Heartwood this fall!

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