20220604 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Rob Elder caught the music bug as a kid on the family farm where classic country & western songs, the Beach Boys, and Bob Seeger were the sound track to barn chores. Back then, picking up a guitar was an easy way to wind down at the end of a long day. Turned to music, his farm boy’s work ethic led to quick growth and an early creative blossoming, his festival debut at the age of 20, and the release of two self produced albums shortly afterwards.

Eventually, Rob moved to Toronto where he gigged every weekend and hosted an open mic for two and a half years. All that playing and networking exposed him to a world of musicians and sounds well beyond his parents record collection. Those influences fused into a style that playfully mixes blue-eyed soul, slick guitar, and crooning country rhythms and serves them with a voice that surfs from solid depths to groovy falsetto highs.

Larry Jensen
is known for excellent crowd pleasing originals and creative renditions of well known covers!

Conceived in Owen Sound, Ontario Canada and raised in a neighborhood where out his back door lay a rich playground of ships, coal piles, lumber yards, cattle sheds, railway tracks and probably toxic chemical dumps but who knew back then and just for poetic content… long freight trains. He has become a constant in the club and concert scene where he brings it and BURNS IT DOWN…

Larry has written for plays, T.V., radio jingles and movies and has been recording, manufacturing and packaging his songs since 1978. He has recorded over a hundred originals.

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